Dermica Hairzon (10 x 2ml)

Dermica Hairzon (10 x 2ml)

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Dermica Hairzon is designed to fight against hair loss by stimulating the creation of new hair follicles and enhancing blood circulation.

Active ingredients:

- CEGABA (Carboxyethyl gamma-aminobutiryc acid) activates and extends the hair's growth stage, strengthening the hair follicle to make them more resistant and to reduce sebum and dandruff on the scalp. 

- Caffeine to stimulate hair growth in vitro, and reduce testosterone-induced follicle growth suppression.

-Copper Peptide to generate new blood vessels around the follicle, as well as to an increase of subcutaneous fat and melanin synthesis, beyond the damage to regenerate scalp, promoting the formation of thicker hair.